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“Since the transit referendum passed, we have a tremendous opportunity to finally address traffic and congestion problems throughout the city. With my business experience in managing large budgets and complex organizations, I have the experience to make sure the taxpayers’ money is spent wisely.” – David Straz

The people of Hillsborough County approved the recent transit referendum largely because voters in the City of Tampa supported it overwhelmingly. David is aware of the strains traffic and congestion puts on families and small businesses. David will be proactive in addressing transportation issues. David will undertake specific projects to improve traffic flow including re-engineering the traffic control grid, adopting good ideas from other cities and working with the private sector. Tampa has been adversely affected by approximately 20% cuts to the existing bus transit system. As mayor, David will work to restore budget cuts to the transit system.  This will provide service to the most vulnerable in our community. These cuts have been hurtful to seniors, the disabled and working people who rely on transit to get to and from work. Transit oriented development through the city’s planning processes can encourage the private sector to assist in solving long-term traffic problems.