Affordable Housing

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“We can’t just keep building and growing, hoping the affordable housing problem is going to fix itself. We need to implement innovative programs to encourage the development of affordable housing.” – David Straz

David will work with all relevant city departments and not for profit groups to address the issue of affordable housing. His approach as mayor, as it has been in his business, will be to hear different points of view on issues before decisions are made. As mayor, David will provide the leadership by getting the county, state and federal government involved.


David Straz attended a groundbreaking for a new affordable housing initiative in East Tampa with Victoria Hopps, President of Hopps Construction Services, and Kevida Gued, who will soon have a new affordable home.

Meet Kevida, who bounced around homeless shelters with her 3 kids and in 127 days will be a Homeowner at Club 48 by Hopps Construction Services.
David wants to ensure that all citizens of Tampa have access to affordable housing, just like Kevida.